11th edition - April, 12th-14th, 2023

Agenda by day and format


The opening plenary sessions (keynote) will take place this year on Thursday and Friday at 9am sharp. The theme of this year 2023 is dedicated to Artificial Intelligence. All sessions are filmed and available on the Devoxx France channel on Youtube.

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The conferences are 45mn presentations on Thursday and Friday. This is the most represented format, with nearly 96 conferences during two days.

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The Universities are long 3-hour sessions on Wednesdays, 2 x 75 minutes. This format is dedicated to the presentation of in-depth/advanced topics.

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TIA (Tools-in-Action)

TIAs (Tools-in-Action) are short 30-minute sessions designed to present a tool, a software practice or a solution.

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Quickies are short 15-minute sessions, during lunch time. The Devoxx France selection committee highlights people who have not yet had the opportunity to present. These sessions are a great way to discover a topic.

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Hands-on Labs


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BOF (Bird of a Feather)

Bird of a feather are community sessions starting on Thursday night. It's the meeting point of user-groups, communities, meetups, in short of all community groups of enthusiasts. The BOFs take place on the evening of the Meet-and-Greet party

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