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Tech companies have found they benefit when their employees are made up of diverse backgrounds, ideas, experiences, and visions.

Nowadays, we know fixing the gender imbalance adds more value to society in several aspects, we care about it and we know how important it is.

Thus, tech companies can change their environment by attracting more women and making the future of tech more diverse. However, the pool of female candidates is not large enough and challenges exist which not only discourage women from joining the field but also from staying in it.

So the following questions could lead us through this journey.

How is it to work as a woman in the R&D of tech companies? As a tech company are we aware of the challenges of being a woman in such an imbalanced environment What aspects could be improved? How do we ensure that more women can be attracted to the R&D sector? How we can change society to tackle the diversity imbalance?

I believe that sharing our lived experiences as women is valuable as a way of describing the situation and can make the tech environment more diverse than before.

By sharing our thoughts, every woman can have a significant role in enhancing the tech

Pooneh Mokari

Pooneh Mokari

I am a Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) working in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) team in Criteo, Paris.

I am passionate about Single Sign On (SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), coding for access management, plus public speaking.

But also, there is a hidden character inside me, who has felt women’s challenges in the tech world and I love to elaborate on the situation for other women, by talking in conferences to help and encourage other women to join tech companies.

Besides, I love baking and doing yoga and I play the violin!

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