Virtual Threads power with Helidon Nima


Room: Neuilly 253

Scheduled at : Friday 15:30 16:15


As before today the word blocking was considered as a synonym of bad performance. If we wanted to achieve performance, we had to do reactive programming, which is hard to write, read and debug. But with the introduction of Virtual Threads first in experimental Project Loom and now in JDK19, the game has changed dramatically. Helidon Nima is the first microservices framework fully based on Virtual Threads which can deliver performance equal or even higher than that achieved with reactive paradigm. In this talk I talk about this framework as well as about the benefits and challenges of using this development paradigm compared to reactive approach, with real live demos.

Dmitry Aleksandrov

Dmitry Aleksandrov

Dmitry is a software developer at Oracle, Java Champion, Oracle Groundbreaker. Currently working on Project Helidon. He has more than a decade experience mainly in Java Enterprise in banking/telecom, but interested in dynamic languages on JVM and features like massive computations on GPUs. A true believer in open source and community driven initiatives. He is a co-lead of the Bulgarian Java User Group and co-organizer of jPrime Conf. Dmitry is a blogger and also a frequent speaker at local events as well as conferences like JavaOne/CodeOne and Devoxx/Voxxed

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Room Neuilly 253