The Developer Portal: Open the Gate to Productivity 🚀


Room: Paris 241

Scheduled at : Thursday 18:30 19:00


ArgoCD, Jenkins, Buildkite, Kubernetes, Jira, SonarQube, Vault, etc., with the rapid growth of technologies, this list keeps getting larger and the company software ecosystem gets more and more complex.

It becomes overwhelming and time-consuming for developers to configure and use these software tools especially when the tools used for developing services owned by team A are different from those owned by team B.

To free your developers from the burden of figuring out what service to use and how, in this talk, I will present the concept of the service catalog, a developer portal to improve the developer experience and speed up development cycles.

Through a demo, I will show how to build a developer portal using Backstage service catalog and how to plug your existing services into it. Real successful case studies will be presented.

Join me if you would like to know more about it 😉




I am a computer scientist with more than 10 years of experience in various fields ranging from web development to big data, including cloud computing and artificial intelligence. My experience combines technical and analytical aptitudes with problem-solving strengths to drive projects to on-time and high-quality completion.

I also have a Ph.D. in optimizing the performance of multi-tier distributed systems.

Currently, I am an Engineering Manager at Elastic. We are the leading platform for search-powered solutions.

I love communicating and sharing knowledge with people ;) ( I also love sports and mountains ;) )

My motto in life is LIVE + LOVE + LAUGH :)

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Room Paris 241