Enter Serverless Functions Journey with Quarkus

Hands-on Labs

Room: Neuilly 234M-235M

Scheduled at : Thursday 15:30 18:30


This workshop guides you on how to get started with scaffolding agnostic serverless functions using a new Kubernetes native Java framework with familiar tools (e.g. CLI, Maven, Gradel). The live demo will showcase the way developers deploy the functions to AWS Lambda, optimizing the functions, making them portable across multiple serverless platforms ( e.g., AWS Lambda, Azure Function, Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes Knative), and using the latest handy command-line tool (e.g. Kn func) to enable a Buildpack for function development & deployment in minutes. Most importantly, you won’t see any code change to deploy the same function across multiple serverless platforms in terms of how the agnostic serverless function works.

Daniel Oh

Daniel Oh

Developer Advocate, Technical Marketing, CNCF Ambassador, International Speaker, Published Author

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Presentation type Hands-on Labs
Track Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure, DevOps
Presentation level beginner/novice
Keywords Cloud Native Java serverless AWS Lambda Kubernetes Quarkus

Room Neuilly 234M-235M