Developer Productivity Engineering - Extended Session


Room: Paris 243

Scheduled at : Wednesday 09:30 12:30


DevOps has emerged as an influential business philosophy and practice, helping businesses drive high quality software to market faster. DevOps focuses on the elimination of bottlenecks that occur when development and operational resources are too divorced from one another. But what about friction in the development and test process? What about the delayed feedback cycles that come from slow builds and test flakiness? How can we reduce friction in areas that are outside of the focus of DevOps?

The presentation will include demos of DPE practices in action from Java projects using the Maven or Gradle build tool. Attendees will walk away from this presentation with a better understanding of:

  • Acceleration technologies for speeding up feedback cycles
  • How to use data analytics to quickly determine the root cause of problems and prevent problems from happening in the first place
  • The costs of a low productivity environment with wasted time waiting for builds, tests, and CI/CD pipelines
  • The importance catching errors earlier, including incorrect signals like flaky tests
  • How to make the practice of developer productivity engineering a respected discipline
Justin Reock

Justin Reock

Justin Reock is the Chief Evangelist and Field CTO of Gradle Enterprise, and is an outspoken blogger, speaker, and free software evangelist. He has over 20 years of experience working in various software roles and has delivered enterprise solutions, technical leadership, and community education on a range of topics. After a fifteen year career in coding, Justin now focuses on helping businesses create better throughput by optimizing the developer experience. Much of his work can be found online including lectures, keynotes, blogs, and other publications.

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Presentation type University
Track Java, JVM
Presentation level Intermediate
Keywords developer productivity Java build tools

Room Paris 243