Cody Zuschlag

Cody Zuschlag


Cody is a software engineer consultant, developer relations engineer, and university instructor with a passion for learning and sharing technology. He teaches a university web development course and loves interacting with developers of all experience levels. He started speaking internationally in 2022 at React Summit and NodeConf EU as well as hosting some of the events connected to NodeConf EU. His current passion is building full-stack and decentralized applications using all OSS technologies.

Twitter : @codyzus



Track : Architecture, Performance and Security

Type de présentation : Conference

IPFS - The Practical Bits

What if applications could scale infinitely from a distributed, decentralized web? The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) has the potential to be the future of a decentralized web. Immutable, content addressable storage, distributed hash tables, and no blockchain. New open-source projects, such as Elastic-IPFS, run IPFS nodes in the cloud to allow theoretically infinite scalability while also allowing existing applications to benefit from IPFS.

During this talk, attendees will learn what IPFS is and how we can use the practical bits of this web 3.0 technology to improve our applications today. You will also learn some of the hype and what IPFS and web 3.0 is not. The talk will also present the exciting possibilities with IPFS and how attendees can get involved and start adding decentralized functionality to their applications today. Learn what is possible with immutable, content addressable storage.

Take an adventure into learning about IPFS! This is web 3.0, without the hype.