Oleg Šelajev

Oleg Šelajev


Oleg Šelajev is a developer advocate at AtomicJar working on making integration tests with Testcontainers better for everyone in the community. VirtualJUG leader. In 2017 became a Java Champion.

Twitter : @shelajev

Blog: https://atomicjar.com


Track : Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure, DevOps

Type de présentation : Hands-on Labs

Rethinking integration testing with Testcontainers

Before Docker, configuring the environment for integration testing was painful - people were using fake database implementations, mocking servers, usually it was not cross-platform as well. However, than to Docker, now we can quickly prepare the environment for our tests.

In this lab, I would like to show how you can use Testcontainers - a popular testing library that harnesses Docker to easily, reliably, spin up test dependencies.

If you don't have Docker available at your machine, don't worry, we'll solve it at the workshop.

You’ll go through the process adding powerful integration tests to your codebase (we’ll use a Spring Boot app) without the headache of managing external service dependencies manually. And get acquainted with all necessary Testcontainers concepts to write elegant, efficient, and reliable integration tests.