Edson Yanaga

Edson Yanaga


Edson Yanaga is a Java Champion and a former 7x Microsoft MVP. He is also a published author and a frequent speaker at international conferences, discussing Java, Kubernetes, Quarkus, Microservices, Cloud Computing, and DevOps.

Twitter : @yanaga

Blog: https://yanaga.io


Track : Java, JVM

Type de présentation : Conference

Revisiting Design Patterns after 20

In 1994, the Gang of Four brought to us 23 different design patterns that helped thousands, maybe millions of developers, to design better code and share a common language. Almost three decades later, improvements in the Java language allow us to revisit most of these design patterns and propose novel ways to solve the same problems.

Join us at this talk when we perform some live refactorings of code using legacy implementations of design patterns into new code using the latest improvements of Java 20. Come and witness how Strategy, Template Method, Visitor, Command, Decorator, Builder, and other patterns can significantly benefit from modern features of Java, such as lambdas, records, switch expressions, and much more.