Kotlin, Java 4..18, Code Coverage and their best friend — bytecode: scandals, intrigues, investigations


Salle : Neuilly 253

Horaire : Friday 15:30 16:15

Résumé de la présentation :

Do you know what is inside of your class files? Are you ready to bet? Let's have fun by diving into bytecode pattern matching and explore how different compilers (Java/Kotlin) and their different versions, including recently released javac 18 and kotlinc 1.6, transform your source code.

Our dive will be based on details of the implementation of most popular open-source code coverage tool for Java – JaCoCo ( https://www.jacoco.org/ ), which finds in bytecode and filters out various compiler generated artifacts, which otherwise require unnecessary and sometimes impossible tricks to have full code coverage.


Track : Languages

Niveau de la présentation : Intermediate

Room Neuilly 253

Evgeny Mandrikov Evgeny Mandrikov

Evgeny is a contributor to various open source projects, including OpenJDK, and a speaker at international conferences and JUGs. He is also one of the project leads of widely adopted code coverage tool for Java and Kotlin - JaCoCo, and the award-winning EclEmma project at the Eclipse Foundation that integrates JaCoCo into Eclipse. In his day job at SonarSource Evgeny develops SonarQube’s static source code analysis for languages such as Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript.