Into the flamegraph: From the primitives through advanced concepts


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Many large-scale enterprises still use homegrown solutions to deploy profilers sporadically for research and to gain short-term production performance insights. However, this has its limitations as profilers are often language-specific, come with substantial overhead, and provide limited ability to aggregate and analyze clusterwide data.

Production profiling has significantly improved today, and by leveraging tools like eBPF it’s now possible to have a better understanding of your clusterwide performance for cost optimization, as well as advanced segmentation and analysis. In this talk we walk you through the basics from how to use modern continuous profiling tools, how to read a flamegraph, and what to look for with a real-world demo in modern complex, microservices environments. It will continue to advanced profiling of cluster deployment, code performance profiling over time, and even how to provide feedback loops for developers to optimize performance from the foundations of their code.


Track : Architecture, Performance et Securité

Niveau de la présentation : Intermédiaire

La salle sera affectée entre 24 et 72h avant la conférence

Yonatan Goldschmidt Yonatan Goldschmidt

Yonatan Goldschmidt is a Team Lead at Granulate, overseeing the development and deployment of their real-time continuous optimization solution as an expert in low-level programming. Before joining Granulate, Yonatan served for nearly six years in the Israel Defense Forces as a Team Lead and R&D Specialist.