Mike Kowalski

Mike Kowalski

Discovery Inc.

Software engineer believing in craftsmanship and the power of fresh espresso. Technical blogger (mikemybytes.com) & consultant, specialized in distributed systems operating on the JVM.

Twitter : @mikemybytes

Blog: https://mikemybytes.com/


Track : Java, JVM

Type de présentation : Tools-in-Action

The unknowns of JUnit 5

Java's most popular testing library may not sound like a topic interesting enough for a talk. However, apart from @Test annotation there's a lot of useful and exciting features still waiting to get proper attention.

The goal of this presentation is to showcase the less-known features of JUnit 5 like:

  • Writing data table tests similar to Spock
  • Running selected tests in parallel while keeping the configuration in the code
  • Customizing test cases display names.

We will write some code to see how these "new toys" can improve our testing experience.