Alon kiriati

Alon kiriati


Alon is a tech lead and a full stack developer at Dropbox. Throughout the last 15 years he has worked at companies of many shapes and sizes - from 3 people start ups, to mid size companies, to 1,000+ corporates, and learned valuable lessons from each position he’s held. He’s used a wide variety of languages and frameworks from the very low level of RT/Embedded and all the way up to react.js. Alon is enthusiastic about culture, tech, product & ping pong, and believes everything in the world can be expressed with emojis. 👻


Track : Web, JS, HTML5 & UX

Type de présentation : Tools-in-Action

Building your first malicious chrome extension 😈

Building a chrome extension is simple & fun. In this talk I will explain the basics of building your first chrome extension in just a couple of minutes! We will then go over various ways to make your awesome extension a malicious one. I’m not planning to turn you into a hacker; I want you to understand the risk of extensions and increase awareness of how these “small” and “harmless” plugins can be used against you.