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Ryan Knight is Principal Solution Architect at Grand Cloud. He is a passionate technologist with extensive experience in large scale distributed systems and data pipelines. He first started Java Consulting at the Sun Java Center and has since worked at a wide variety of companies such as Capital One, Starbucks, DataStax, LightBend, Oracle, IBM, Deloitte, and Riot Games. Ryan regularly speaks at conferences in the US and Abroad. In his spare time he enjoys exploring the mountains of Utah with his family.

Blog: https://www.grandcloud.com/

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Knative Workshop

Hands-on Labs

Over the past several years Google has open sourced several cloud-native technologies abstracting away more and more underlying infrastructure into well-defined processes that can work across different environments. Kubernetes and Istio provide cluster primitives for scheduling and networking. Knative is a serverless platform built on Kubernetes and Istio and higher-level deployment, serving, and eventing. In this workshop you will get hands-on with Knative. You will learn the different features of Knative by using them in Java with Spring Boot.