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James Ward is a Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. He tweets as @_JamesWard and blogs on jamesward.com.

Blog: http://www.jamesward.com

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Comparing Docker Image Build Methods: Cloud Native Buildpacks, Jib, and Docker


Docker images are the deployment artifacts in modern platforms (Kubernetes, Cloud Run, etc). There are a number of ways to create those images from source: docker build, the Jib Maven & Gradle plugin, or Cloud Native Buildpacks. This session will provide an overview of the different methods and compare them to help you understand which you should use.

cldops Cloud, Containers & Infrastructure, DevOps

Knative Workshop

Hands-on Labs

Over the past several years Google has open sourced several cloud-native technologies abstracting away more and more underlying infrastructure into well-defined processes that can work across different environments. Kubernetes and Istio provide cluster primitives for scheduling and networking. Knative is a serverless platform built on Kubernetes and Istio and higher-level deployment, serving, and eventing. In this workshop you will get hands-on with Knative. You will learn the different features of Knative by using them in Java with Spring Boot.