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Sonar Smash : fueling the removal of technical debt through competition


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Paris 243

Thursday 11:45 - 12:30

Have you ever run code quality analysis on a legacy code base?

How much technical debt did you have?

SonarQube can be an invaluable tool for providing visibility on the quality of your code base. But when it reports 6 years of technical debt, where do you start? Often issues are tucked away in seldom visited corners of the code base, hiding real bugs.

How do you know which issues to fix? How do you get time to fix code that isn’t necessarily broken? How do you motivate developers to work on messy code?

In Murex, we created Sonar Smash: A competition to crack the mountain of technical debt, thus motivating developers to fix these issues and to write new tests WITHOUT taking away from their day to day work.

Come and learn how to run it yourself!

Whether you have 2 days or 20 years of technical debt; Sonar Smash will
* Get rid of the bed bugs in your code
* Raise awareness of code quality
* Help you identify and pitch larger refactoring projects
* Get a grip on legacy code in a meaningful way
* Be Fun!

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Salle Paris 243
Helen Wallace Helen Wallace

I am a Java developer working for Murex, where I am part of both the internal Refactoring Community of Practice and a Code Quality Champion.

James Mac Mahon James Mac Mahon

From Monaghan Ireland, I've been working with Murex for several years, initially in Devops, then Third Party Management and now on the Risk Control team. I have found the greatest rewards in helping my fellow developers.