NTT-1578 Hands-on cloud-native Java with MicroProfile, Kubernetes and Istio | Devoxx

Hands-on cloud-native Java with MicroProfile, Kubernetes and Istio

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Paris 224M-225M

Wednesday 13:30 - 16:30

Ever wondered what makes a cloud-native application "cloud-native"? Ever wondered what the unique challenges are and how best to address them on fully-open Java technologies? In this workshop, you'll learn what it means to be cloud-native and how that impacts application development. You'll learn about Eclipse MicroProfile, an industry collaboration defining technologies for the development and management of cloud-native microservices. With a full set of MicroProfile workshop modules available to you, you'll be able to start with the basics of REST services and progress to more advanced topics, or you can jump right in and develop secure, fault tolerant, configurable and monitorable microservices.

Once you've developed your microservice, you'll learn how to package it in a Docker container and deploy it to a Kubernetes cluster. Finally, you'll learn the role of a service mesh and use Istio to manage your microservice interactions.

 MicroProfile    Kubernetes    service mesh    Cloud Native Java    Containerized Microservices  
Salle Paris 224M-225M
Jamie Coleman Jamie Coleman

I am software developer and Evangelist for WebSphere Application Server and Open Liberty based at IBM’s R&D Laboratory in Hursley, UK. I am subject matter expert in Docker and take a keen interest in emerging technologies with experience in Maven, git, Jenkins and microservice architecture. I have worked on a wide variety of projects such as modernising the CICS mainframe testing infrastructure, creating and automating the creation of Docker images for WebSphere, contributing to the microservice Builder offering and creating web applications for events at the Lab.

Tom Evans Tom Evans

Tom is Development Lead for Open Liberty and WebSphere Liberty.