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Andrea Frittoli is a Developer Advocate at IBM and an open source enthusiast. He has contributed to OpenStack for several years, with focus in Quality Engineering and CI/CD, with the role of Project Technical Lead of the QA Program for one year. He's a strong advocate for transparency in open source. He likes working on IaaS projects as well as machine learning, trying to combines the two worlds. Andrea has previously been a speaker at FOSS Backstage, multiple OpenStack summits, Open Source Summits in North America, Europe and Japan, HP TechCon and various DevOps meetups.


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Cloud Native CI/CD with Knative and Tekton Pipelines


Cloud-native developers can enjoy a rich ecosystem, with plenty of functionality already available from existing microservices, a service mesh or the cloud fabric. These benefits come at the cost of added complexity in the development workflow: a could native application is made of a potentially large number of components, and verifying and troubleshooting a small change in one of them might prove challenging. Automation, in the local development environment as well as in the form of continuous integration and delivery pipelines, is fundamental to reduce complexity. In this talk I will introduce Tekton pipelines and Knative; I will present my experience combining the two projects to build cloud-native continuous delivery pipelines. I will discuss the challenges and benefits of using the building blocks of the CD pipeline to implement CI and enhance the development workflow as well.