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Reactive Spring


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  jeudi 11:15 - 12:00

Spring Framework 5 is here ! It introduces the Spring developer to a growing world of support for reactive programming across the Spring portfolio, starting with a new Netty-based web runtime, component model and module called Spring WebFlux, and then continuing to Spring Data Kay, Spring Security 5.0, Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring Cloud Finchley. Sure, it sounds like a lot, but don't worry! join us, your guides, Spring co-founder and Spring Framework lead Juergen Hoeller and Spring developer advocate Josh Long, and we'll explore the wacky world of Reactive Spring together.

 Reactive Programming    Spring Boot    Spring 5    Kotlin    Spring Cloud  
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Juergen Hoeller Juergen Hoeller

Juergen Hoeller is co-founder of the Spring Framework open source project and has been serving as the project lead and release manager for the core framework since 2003. Juergen is an experienced software architect and consultant with outstanding expertise in code organization, transaction management and enterprise messaging.

Josh Long Josh Long

Josh (@starbuxman) is the Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal, an open-source hacker, book/video author and speaker

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