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A Brief, Opinionated History of the API


archisec Architecture, Performance et Securité débutant
  vendredi 14:55 - 15:40

APIs have been with us for 65 years or so. They come in all shapes, sizes, and disguises. In this talk we'll discuss the fascinating history of APIs and look at a few of them, focusing on what makes them good, what makes them successful, and why the correlation between quality and success isn't as high we might want it to be. We'll conclude with a brief discussion of the legal status of APIs, and what it means to us as software professionals.

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Joshua Bloch Joshua Bloch

Joshua Bloch is the author of Effective Java and coauthor of Java Puzzlers and Java Concurrency in Practice. He is a professor on leave from Carnegie Mellon University. He was formerly the chief Java architect at Google, a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems. He led the design and implementation of numerous Java platform features, including the Java 5 language enhancements and the Java Collections Framework. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S. in computer science from Columbia University.

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