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Java Code Coverage in Practice


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  mercredi 18:40 - 19:10

Finally the award-winning EclEmma code coverage plug-in for Eclipse became an Eclipse Foundation project and available by default in Java IDE starting from Oxygen! This is a good opportunity to summarize experiences and best practices, such as continuous inspection, for efficient use of the most popular open-source tool to measure Java code coverage that EclEmma integrates into Eclipse IDE - JaCoCo ( ).

The presentation will present different use cases and guide you through different integration points that exist beside the Eclipse IDE. We will also talk about interoperability with other tools, common pitfalls and how to prevent them.

And all this is for you exclusively firsthand by the insiders of the world of code quality - developers of SonarQube, JaCoCo and Eclipse EclEmma.

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La salle sera affectée entre 24 et 72h avant la conférence
Evgeny Mandrikov Evgeny Mandrikov

Evgeny is a contributor to various open source projects and a speaker at international conferences and JUGs. He is also one of the project leads of widely adopted code coverage library for Java - JaCoCo, and the award-winning EclEmma project at the Eclipse Foundation that integrates JaCoCo into Eclipse. In his day job at SonarSource Evgeny develops SonarQube’s static source code analysis for languages such as Java, C/C++, C#, JavaScript.

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