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One of the first engineers to the Confluent team, Xavier is responsible for analytics infrastructure, including real-time analytics in KafkaStreams. He was previously a quantitative researcher at BlackRock, Barclays Global Investors, and MSCI. He holds graduate degrees from ɉcole Centrale Paris and Cornell University.

Blog: https://confluent.io

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Monitor Kafka Like a Pro


Every business has a central nervous system through which all information flows and around which all decisions are made. Sometimes this system is ad-hoc and non-standard, resulting in an architecture that is difficult to reason about and even harder to keep running.

Kafka operators need to provide guarantees to the business that Kafka is working properly and delivering data in real time, and they need to identify and triage problems so they can solve them before end users notice them. This elevates the importance of Kafka monitoring from a nice-to-have to an operational necessity.

In this talk, Kafka operations experts Xavier Léauté and Gwen Shapira share their best practices for monitoring Kafka and the streams of events flowing through it. How to detect duplicates, catch buggy clients, and triage performance issues — in short, how to keep the business’s central nervous system healthy and humming along, all like a Kafka pro.

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