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From IBM

Clean Code Evangelist.

Independent Trainer/Coach. Lead Architect at IBM. Spoke at 10 international conferences last year (including big ones like Devoxx and JPoint).

Trained for the last 5 years (including University). Programmed hard for the last 12.

Charismatic guy, funny and enthusiastic.


java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE

Clean Code with Java8 (4 years later)


You have a bazooka. Do you use it to show off or to clean up your code?

We all use Java8 Streams and lambdas. But is your code cleaner and easier to maintain than in Java7? Come and see what I’ve learned about what Clean Lambdas and Streams mean, after teaching them and using them on my projects. The idioms we’ve found most useful, new Functional design patterns, best practices and anti-patterns.

Live coding, of course.

PS: You know, some Joe will maintain your Java8 code at some point. So let's just hope Joe would be a nice safe guy...

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