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Tiffany is a developer advocate at Amazon for containers on AWS. Previously she worked at Docker and Intel in software engineering and as a hardware engineer after graduating from Georgia Tech in Electrical Engineering. In the majority of her free time she dabbles in photography and spends time with family and friends. You can find her on twitter as tiffanyfayj.


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Compute options for Microservices on AWS


Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of compute options for developers interested in deploying microservices-based applications. Developers interested in full control and responsibility of the stack can use EC2 and deploy all components from scratch. If you are interested in leveraging containers then you can deploy your applications using Amazon Elastic Container Service or EKS. Serverless applications can be deployed using AWS Lambda. AWS Fargate allows you to run containers without having to manage servers or clusters. The amount of effort, time and resources involved to address Ops concerns such as creating, managing, scaling and updating a cluster differ for each compute option. Similarly, Developer concerns such as application packaging, tooling, service discovery, monitoring, logging, and CI/CD also differ for each compute option. This session will walk you through what it takes to build, deploy and manage a simple microservices based application using these different compute options. You’ll learn when a particular option is well suited, or not for your application. Pros and cons of each option will be discussed as well.

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