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Ryan Knight is Principal Architect at Grand Cloud. He is a passionate technologist with extensive experience in large scale distributed systems and data pipelines. He first started Java Consulting at the Sun Java Center and has since worked at a wide variety of companies. From the diverse number of projects he has gained extensive experience with a wide variety of technologies. He enjoys working with clients helping them to solve their most difficult challenges. Ryan regularly speaks at conferences in the US and Abroad.

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Building a Decentralized Application with gRPC

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A new pattern for building massively scalable and resilient applications has emerged over the past several years, that is to completely decentralize the entire application architecture. One of the biggest challenges for building a decentralized application is defining a common protocol that all services can use for communication. gRPC with protobuf solves this problem by providing the building blocks for creating a language neutral protocol. In this workshop we will start with the basics of creating a protocol with gRPC and protobuf. Then using gRPC building blocks we will build a basic decentralized application. Along the way we will cover:

  • Distributed Service Discovery
  • Bootstrapping a Mesh Network
  • gRPC Client Side Load Balancing
  • Context Propagation with gRPC
  • Advanced use of gRPC Interceptors
TBA : To be announced / Salle non affectée