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Robert Lynch is the Splunk global manager and performance test manager at Murex (Murex is a world leader in trading platforms).

Robert is the winner of the 2017 “Splunk Ninja” revolution award .

He is responsible for Splunk development, administration and leading performance testing on major financial institutions at Murex. Robert holds a “Computer Science” degree and a masters in “High Performance Computing”.

He introduced Splunk to Murex in 2014 because the current tools were inadequate for analysis. Please watch for more info [Dashboard for Developers+Testers 5 min]


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“Solving The Trillion Dollar Problem” Splunk@Murex. Developing Dashboard Analytics for Performance Testing and Development


Performance analysis on financial software is massively complex and challenging. This is the story of how Murex started to use Splunk to help debug performance code issues.

Before Splunk we had millions and millions of timings logs, the problem was displaying them quickly so they are usable for developers and testers. Up to this point, we were using a basic PDF report with graphs with static mathematics. However, when we were able to dynamically graph this data with Splunk the analysis became much quicker and easier. The turnaround time decreased for resolution for testing and development. In addition to this we developed multiple functions in the dashboard to enhance the usability. A developer could attach their environment to Splunk in 20 seconds for live monitoring, they could save a test as a URL to share with colleagues.

A success stories is one of the world’s largest “Clearing House” that needed to do 60 position updates per second. [Dashboard for Developers+Testers 5 min] Murex/Robert Lynch won the “Splunk Ninja Revolution Award 2017” for the work done in this field. FYI 2016 winners [“Harvard Medical” “Yahoo”, “American express”

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