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Enabling Googley microservices with gRPC.


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Microservices architecture is not a free lunch, it significantly increases number of remote calls. This brings new challenges when it comes to network communication, so choosing a right RPC framework becomes crucial.

gRPC is a new generation RPC framework from Google, designed to improve performance and address complexity of network communication in distributed systems.

In this talk you will learn how gRPC helps to build reactive microservices architecture. We will go through some of the challenges we face when we build distributed systems and see how gPRC solves them.

Alex Borysov Alex Borysov

Software engineer / technical leader with solid experience in large scale software development. Passionate about software development process and technologies. Developed trading systems; microservices architecture for World leading social games; built core infrastructure backend services for a unicorn startup in Silicon Valley with 300+ million users. Currently working on IoT platform at Google. Aimed to deliver the software with better product and code quality. Clean coder, test-driven developer.

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