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Paris Machine Learning and Data Science Community (BOF)

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

bigd Big Data & Analytics

Neuilly 252 AB

jeudi at 20:40 - 21:30

The subject of Machine Learning is getting more and more attention these days. Meetups around the subject enable that community to stay in touch technically with the latest information in the field.

This Paris Machine Learning and Data Science Bird of a Feather will provide an overview of the diverse meetups around Machine Learning and Data Science in Paris. The presentation will be made by organizers of these meetups (Machine Learning, Deep Learning,...).

Igor Carron Igor Carron

Franck Bardol et moi organisons les réunions du Paris Machine Learning Meetup créé mi-2013.. Le meetup a pour l'instant plus de 1840 membres ce qui en fait le plus gros meetup sur cette thématique dans le monde en dehors des U.S. (Top 6 en tout).

Toutes les présentations et la plupart des vidéos des 22 derniers meetups se trouvent ici: http://nuit-blanche.blogspot.com/p/paris-based-meetups-on-machine-learning.html

Bardol franck Bardol franck

I had been involved in various data intensive fields (algo trading, text mining and data mining). I have gained experience in data intelligence for entrepreneurial boutiques, start up and hedge-funds. I also co-organize meetings devoted to predictive analytics for business (2 000+ academic researchers, startup entrepreneurs, innovators and geeks)