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TinkerForge Live Hacking

Hands-on Labs

mobile Mobile, IoT

Neuilly 234_234M Lab

vendredi at 11:00 - 13:40

TinkerForge is a very simple, easy-to-handle modular electronic system. Depending on the application, a system of sensor, wireless and motor control elements can be built in a modular way and programmed with a few lines of code. No soldering iron is needed. Both the hardware and the software are open source.  After a brief overview of the available sensors and actuators, we will quickly start with the actual programming. Together, we will explore different applications, architectures, and the combination of TinkerForge with Java. Using sensors, actuators and some other elements, we will take the first steps and delve into the practical world of IoT with Java 8 and TinkerForge. 

Sven Ruppert Sven Ruppert

Sven Ruppert has been coding Java since 1996. He is a Fellow for reply based in Munich. In his free time he is regularly speaking at Conferences like JavaOne/Jfokus/Devoxx/JavaZone/JavaLand and many more and contributes to IT periodicals, as well as tech portals.

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