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Get Back in Control of Your SQL with jOOQ


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Java does not provide an API to directly support the expressiveness and power of SQL. All attention is given to object-relational mapping and abstractions on a higher level, such as OQL, HQL, JPQL, CriteriaQuery.

jOOQ is a dual-licensed Open Source product filling this gap. It implements SQL itself as a type safe domain-specific language in Java.

jOOQ is a good choice in a Java application where SQL and its proprietary features of the database in use are important. It shows, how a modern domain-specific language can greatly increase developer productivity, internalising SQL into Java.

Lukas Eder Lukas Eder

Lukas Eder is the founder and CEO of Swiss company Data Geekery GmbH, which has been selling database products and services since 2013. His specialty is the interaction of Java and SQL. Most of this experience has been obtained via the Swiss E-Banking sector. He is best known in the Java community as the designer of the popular ‘jOOQ’ database access library and a frequent conference speaker on improving Java/DB integration, and a Java Champion.