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Rawr. Unified time series expressions with Timelion


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vendredi at 14:55 - 15:40

Elasticsearch. Graphite. Public data APIs. Some garbage someone invented to torture you. There's interfaces to unify them, but they require you learn each and every backend's special language. And you have to hope they all have the same functions which, tip, they do not. Who's got time for that? Timelion operates at a higher level. Not only can it display time series from multiple data source types, it can perform computations across them. Timelion expressions are chainable, groupable, reusable and source agnostic, and every function and feature works with every data source.

Rashid Khan Rashid Khan

Rashid is an operations-engineer-turned-software-developer at Elastic. After 10 years in operations, with a brief detour into the Peace Corps, he penned the first version of Kibana. He escapes his laptop to enjoy fine food and ill-conceived automotive maintenance endeavors.