CIH-6001 Building a unikernel Java Application | Devoxx

Building a unikernel Java Application


future Future, Robotique

Paris 243

jeudi at 12:25 - 12:40

I thought it's all about containers now - what are unikernels? Join this session to learn a bit about unikernels, what it's good at, and how to run a Java application with it!

With unikernel, you no longer need to wait for that long OS boot and initialization time, and get better-than-container level of security isolation, and resource isolation.

In this session, you'll learn about the different types of unikernels. We'll pick one, OSv unikernel, and: - Use its tool to build a Tomcat unikernel image - Use its tool to build a Spring Boot unikernel image - Running the unikernel application inside of KVM - Deploying the unikernel application to the cloud - Deploying and managing a cluster of them

Ray Tsang Ray Tsang

Ray is a Developer Advocate for the Google Cloud Platform. Ray had extensive hands on cross-industry enterprise systems integration delivery and management experiences during his time at Accenture, managed full stack application development, DevOps, and ITOps. Ray specialized in middleware, big data, and PaaS products during his time at Red Hat while contributing to open source projects, such as Infinispan. Aside from technology, Ray enjoys traveling and adventures.