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From Pivotal, Inc.

Spencer Gibb is a Software Engineer for Pivotal, Inc.

His interests include distributed systems, jvm languages, web services frameworks, message-driven architectures and making software development simpler. He loves to create software to solve a pain point, such as creating a tool to automate workstation setup in his free time.

At Pivotal he works on Spring Cloud.

His industry experience has taken him from early e-commerce platforms to government and non-profit organizations to business intelligence startups. He has extensive java experience and experience in other languages such as scala and python. His database experience runs from Oracle and MySQL to Riak and Cassandra.

His blog is located at http://spencer.gibb.us

Blog: http://spencer.gibb.us

java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE

Spring Cloud *: Exploring Spring Cloud Implementations


What is Spring Cloud? What types of problems does it solve? What can you choose to solve those problems? In this session we will discuss the Spring Cloud abstractions and interfaces that may be implemented: DiscoveryClient, LoadBalancerClient, Configuration, Bus and Tracing. We will compare and contrast some target technologies and discus the tradeoffs and nuances of each, such as: netflix, consul, etcd, zookeeper and zipkin. Join Spring Cloud co-lead Spencer Gibb for discussion and demonstration of Spring Cloud implementations of these technologies.

java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE

The Spring BOF

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

Une BOF pour tous les développeurs qui s’intéressent à Spring. Au programme: discussion libre avec l’équipe Spring sur tous les projets du portfolio, et bien plus encore!