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Originally from the UK, Michael has been mucking around with data and databases since 1986.

He was initially introduced to Ingres on an RTOS project for the RAF. He then moved to France and onto Sybase, MS-SQL and Raima before being the first on the ground in France for MySQL in 2003. After the double acquisition, Michael helped co-found MariaDB Corporation in 2010, before leaving in 2015 to look at this NoSQL thing. He now works on Riak @ Basho Technologies.

Michael lives between Paris and the Loire Valley with his American wife and two culturally confused children.

Blog: basho.com

mobile Mobile, IoT

Real Time Analytics on Time Series @ Scale with Riak / WarpScript / Spark

BOF (Bird of a Feather)

Rapid introduction to the Riak product Family, focus on newest member Riak TS (Time Series).

Set up Riak TS Cluster (on 6x Raspberry Pi's) Performance benchmarks for parallelised "smart" data input and ways of improving

Real time analytics via - WarpScript (ex. Einstein) with Cityzen Data - Spark with Lateral Thoughts