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Maria is a JetBrains' veteran. Since 2006 she participated in multiple projects: IntelliJ IDEA, TeamCity, AppCode. Currently she is a Product Marketing Manager in the Upsource team. Passionate about productivity tools and knowledge sharing.


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How to stop wasting your time and start performing useful code reviews


Many teams are adopting code review now, and then find themselves struggling to make it work. Do you feel that it takes too much time? Do you think the issues that reviewers find are not really deal-breakers? Are you afraid that instead of improved collaboration you are creating a battlefield over the code base? There are a number of things that you can do to make code reviews go smoothly and bring meaningful, useful results. We’ll talk about how we can make code reviews transparent and efficient. We’ll outline what things we should be looking for when reviewing someone else's code, and how not to lose focus hunting extra spaces. And more importantly, we’ll talk about the human factor, and how while it’s not always possible to separate a code from its authors, there are ways to communicate messages effectively.