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I started my IT career from programming GPGPUs (Uni time) for econometrics purposes, my work was good enough to get the 'TechAward' for the most innovative scientific project in Poland, then I worked as a Network Admin, then I started working as a Product Owner. Currently I work on Analytics/Big Data project and in parallel try to finish my PhD thesis :) Beside being 'data' freak, I'm agile enthusiast and conference-junkie ;)

Blog: www.mrowcakasia.eu

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How to defeat feature gluttony?


"Feature gluttony is a common sin among IT projects. Customers deliver never ending wish list of features they want. However, the key is not to build everything, but only things that are really needed. Learn how to defeat feature gluttony by... saying NO ;) And support this by: - setting common aim - finding relation: feature <-> value - defining most important use cases - defining critical process from the business perspective - decide what should be delivered first … and build excellent piece of software :) "