QVW-2838 Apache Maven | Devoxx
java Java, JVM, Javas SE/EE débutant

Paris 224M-225M Lab

Thursday 19:45 - 20:35

Que s'est-il passé en un an dans le projet Maven ? Comment contribuer à l'année à venir ?

Salle Paris 224M-225M Lab
Hervé Boutemy Hervé Boutemy

Apache member, Apache Maven PMC member, former Chair

Robert Scholte Robert Scholte

Robert Scholte is the chairman of Apache Maven and has been developing in Java for over a decade. He has been active for the open source community and for over five year he has been the only active Dutch committer for Maven. On behalf of the Maven team Robert is a member of the expert group for JSR-376, the Java Platform Module System. He is also responsible for most of the implementations to support new Java 9 features in the latest plugins maintained by the Apache Maven team.

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