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IoT to Analytics Hands-On Lab with real mini-street lamp device.

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bigd Big Data, Machine Learning, IA & Analytics débutant
  vendredi 12:55 - 15:55

During this Hands-on Lab session, attendees will learn how to hook-up a real Arduino&Raspberry pi device to the IBM Cloud IoT and Analytics platform. The device itself is a miniature model of a Street Lamp with light sensors and LED lights.
They will be able to collect data from sensors attached to the device, implement simple edge rules and logic to drive the LEDs, and in a further step use IBM Data Science Experience to run a Jupyter notebook to visualise and analyse the sensors data, finally using Machine Learning techniques to detect anomalous behaviour.

 IoT Applications    Machine Learning for Developers    visualization capabilities  
La salle sera affectée entre 24 et 72h avant la conférence
Philippe Gregoire Philippe Gregoire

Philippe Gregoire's job at IBM is to conduct technical enablement for Independent Software Vendors on the IBM portfolio. His main areas of focus are currently IoT, robotics, Analytics, within a Cloud environment. Philippe is also a DIY hobbyist in the domains of home IoT and 3D printing.

Franck Descollonges Franck Descollonges

I'm IBM Cloud Developer Advocate" at IBM. I'm in charge of exposing developers to the innovative technologies of IBM that are available on its cloud platform, especially the solutions related to artificial intelligence and cognitive, to enable them to realize faster innovative ideas that they wish to develop. After obtaining my engineering degree from the École Supérieure en Sciences Informatiques (ESSI, now Polytech Nice Sophia) of Nice / Sophia-Antipolis, I joined IBM to assume various responsibilities in the fields of service-oriented architectures, corporate social networks and digital experiences.

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